ANEL 10 Frame Beehive Top Cover With 4 Ventilation Plugs and Microchip


A modern hive lid with many advantages and it’s microchipped!
• Double walled with the gap filled with polyurethane foam insulation.
• With 4 ventilation plugs (an option to put a feeding hole on top)
• Unmatched impact strength and load support.
• Anti-slip surface to prevent hives from slipping during transportation.
• 4 points of attachment at the front, back and the sides (adjustable or wire type).
• Resistant to chemicals (caustic potash, oxalic acid, formic acid, bleach etc.). If you use ventilated bottom boards the hive has adequate ventilation even without ventilation caps.

Included in each insulated plastic beehive lid is a unique microchip that is installed during the manufacturing process.

Using the latest technology microchip, anti theft capabilities are now incorporated into our hives, enabling us to code each microchip with owner details such as name, phone number, serial number, address, email, geolocation details etc.

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 55 × 44 × 11 cm