ANEL 10 Frame Bottom Board Hybrid Classic (Ventilated Anti-Varroa) and Microchipped (1 Pair of Doors Included)


What are the advantages of our microchipped ventilated plastic bottom board?
• Bees can keep the hive clean very easily.
• When applying treatments for varroa or small hive beetle, the parasites fall down under the hive thus treating the hive more effectively.
• Ventilation means less humidity and less humidity means fewer chances that nozema will spread in the hive.
Amazing strength, fit for tough use.
With five points for hive body stabilization.
Manufactured from special non-slip material, screwed to the bottom, so that the hives do not slip during transportation by truck and the bases remain attached.
Accompanied by very practical transportation-protection doors. Can be connected with the hive body using fasteners.

Included in each insulated plastic beehive bottom board is a unique microchip that is installed during the manufacturing process.

Using the latest technology microchip, anti theft capabilities are now incorporated into our hives, enabling us to code each microchip with owner details such as name, phone number, serial number, address, email, geolocation details etc.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 55 × 43 × 11 cm