Diatomaceous Earth 100g


Control agent diatomaceous earth is used to control adult SHB.

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It is a naturally occurring chalk-like sedimentary rock easily crumbled into an off-white abrasive powder. It consists of the fossilised remains of diatoms which are hard shelled algae. It is necessary to use the insecticide form of diatomaceous earth without any additives and not a formulation containing a toxic insecticide. Formulations of diatomaceous earth available for filtration or cat litter are not suitable for use as an insecticide.

Diatomaceous earth behaves as an insecticide by the fine abrasive powder penetrating the soft tissues of the skeleton and by absorbing fats from the waxy outer layer of the skeleton, both causing the insect to dehydrate. The typical chemical composition of diatomaceous earth is 86% silica, 5% sodium, 3% magnesium and 2% iron. Diatomaceous earth kills insects by mechanical means without the use of toxins and may be acceptable for use in hives by producers of organic bee products.

This is for the control of Small Hive Beetle and Ants.