Lyson CLASSIC 20 cassette honey extractor



Lyson CLASSIC 20 cassette honey extractor


Reference: W209901B

Cassette honey extractor, Ø1200mm, 20 x Langstroth, electric drive, CLASSIC LINE.

Semi-automatic controller. Stainless steel partition plates. Great for Jelly Bush honey

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CLASSIC LINE 20 Cassette Honey Extractor is dedicated for mid to large size professional apiaries and for beekeepers who want to work with high quality and easy to use equipment. These extractors are made of high quality materials and components.

Operating CLASSIC LINE extractors is simple and intuitive thanks to the HES-02* semi-automatic controller.

Extraction programs in this extractor consist of adjustable, two directional spin cycles, which causes the honey to be extracted from both sides of frames in a single extraction cycle.

Additional stainless steel partition plates, allow to have more cassettes fitted into the extractor thus, more frames extracted in a single spin cycle.

*Can be purchased with HE-03 advanced automatic controller as an option.


Product line   CLASSIC

Type of extractor   20-cassette

Drum diameter[mm]   Ø1200

Frame type   20× Langstroth

Drive system   electric, bottom

Power supply   230V

Controller   HES-02

Motor   Motoreducer 1,5kW

Drum thickness   0,6 mm

Honey gate   Stainless 2× 2″

Top bar   Flat bar 60x10mm powder coated

Cover   Acrylic, 5 mm

Legs   Powder coated 60×40 mm

Hinges   Plastic, 8pcs

Reinforcing frame   Powder coated

Cassette material   Stainless bar Ø3 mm and Ø6 mm

Drum rim   Powder coated

Drum height   780 mm

Other   shipped on pallet

Warranty   5 years*

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