Small Hive Beetle Gel Bait 10g


Small Hive Beetle Gel Bait 10g


Small hive beetle gel bait for controlling SMB in the beehive.

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Product performance (use): Prevention and control of small hive beetle in beehives, indoor cockroaches such as German cockroaches, American cockroaches and black-breasted cockroaches in hotels, restaurants, factories, supermarkets, transportation, hospitals, residential buildings, etc. Place suitable amount of gel into a small hive beetle trap, far enough inside so bees cannot make contact with the gel. For use only in a closed beetle trap and inside a beehive. Do not expose to excessive moisture or water.

Active ingredient content: 10% boric acid acaricide bait per volume

Storage and transportation: Please keep it in a cool, dry place that is difficult for children to reach.

Low toxicity

Poisoning first aid: Inadvertently touch the eyes, wash with plenty of water, if the symptoms are serious,  go to the hospital for treatment.

Pesticide production license number: HNP 33152-I1996

Product standards: Q/HZW08-2016

Pesticide registration number: WP20130048

Net weight 10g


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